AI Planning

Brought into Practise

Automated Planning and Scheduling uses Artificial Intelligence
to identify a course of actions that achieves a specified goal

Our vision

The AIPlan4EU project will make modern planning technology applicable for everyone.

How do we achieve this?

Scout real-world use-cases

from our partners and from you via the open calls

Establish a general planner-agnostic API for planning systems

and support the new unified planning framework in the planners provided by our partners

Connect planners and use-cases via the new API

using technology-specific bridges

Spread the knowledge

via webinars and guidelines

Integrate planning in the European AI4EU Platform

making it available on-demand

What can planning be used for?

AI planning can be used to identify a course of actions that achieves a specified goal. As part of the project, we consider for example (among others) the following use cases.

Warehouse Logistics

Magazino is an innovative company producing robots for warehouse intra-logistics.

In this context, planning techniques can be used to guide the user to design the complex plans required to accomplish the tasks the robot is given, and to follow their execution taking into account the automatic recovery from unforeseen circumstances, e.g., after a failure has occurred.


Production Planning

Meritor HVS AB in Lindesberg manufactures rear and front axles for heavy vehicle applications.

The machining department has a complex machine park with numerous different process steps, where different machines have different cycle times depending on the part produced. Together with the need to consider order forecasts, this results in an interesting challenge for modern planning techniques.


Planning for Space

Planning techniques are used for the automation of the planning process in the context of multi-asset human-robotic missions as prepared by the National Space Agencies, the European Commission and the European Space Agency. Typical examples are the ExoMars mission for Mars exploration, the Mars Sample Return mission as well as the HERACLES mission for moon exploration and exploitation.


Underwater operations

HyDrone is a technology program to develop new concept underwater vehicles, highly reconfigurable with different payloads, expected to carry out underwater missions at different degrees of autonomy and to operate resident underwater without maintenance for up to two years.



Campaign planning for agricultural processes consists of various coordination and optimization problems on several levels of detail. Campaign planning is needed in harvesting processes, which involve harvesters, overloading and transport vehicles, and possibly other resources and agents, depending on the type of crop; it is also of help in spraying chemicals or manure.


Your use-case?

The AIPlan4EU project will run three open calls for use cases. Do you have a use-case to which you want apply AI planning?

How can you benefit and contribute?

We seek funded contributions from individuals and SMEs to the use-cases and from innovators who want to integrate their planning technology or develop technology-specific bridges. There will be several open calls for this purpose during this project.

Since we are still at the beginning of the project, there is nothing ready to use, yet. If you are interested into using planning technology in the future, please subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you updated about the progress of the project and upcoming webinars.

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